The real beginnings of Dj Boogieman date since 1999 when he was playing music as a DJ at private and birthday parties. Despite the fact that hip hop is his primary selection, his sets were often joined by funky, soul, rnb, reggae and danhall pieces. Ever since, he’s been performing in many bars and clubs in Skopje and around the country. 

He gained his international experience at Sofia Hip Hop Festival ’06 before the New York hip hop attraction Busta Rhymes, the Exit Festival the same year, and the two week-tour in New York City (USA) with rapper Snow Black. There he performed at the Manhattan club The W (Wiskey, Time Square) and the Bronx Day Parade Festival which happens 6 years in a row and showed as guests of the VH1 Hip Hop honors event. He has been performing in Austria , Viena as an Violator Europe DJ and also in Graz at least twice a year as part of the Dirty South Ent. Family. For 7 years in a row during the summer he is a resident in Greece in the only Hop hop and RnB specialized bar on the Island of Ios.

He is now know for his radio show Play Hip Hop that airs on Metropolis radio every Wednesday from 10.00 pm until midnight. It is an edition outlined to inform, educate and present music in a different form with a different approach that targets all music influences and changes that have suffered hip hop music from its existence until today. In 2011 he becomes exclusive artist of Macedonian production Gorilla Wild Entertainment Group, and becomes a member of “Violator All Star Dj association”, dj international coalition based in Vienna, which is responsible for international events and all activities connected with the famous brand “Violator”.