Skopje born Christian HSS, is spinning music for more then 25 years, but the proper start is in 93, with the use of vinyl during his stay in Orlando, Florida. After returning to Skopje in 94, starts appearing in the biggest open air clubs in the city park, Tequila, Coca Cola Cabrio Club, and across the country. His style was recognized as american influenced, with very good mixing skills.

“House Sound of Skopje” was established at the end of 97 with the help of his two partners now late DJ Power and DJ Victor.
99 saw HSS’s first radio show named “House Sessions” and it was aired every Thursday from 20:00-24:00 on the only club radio station TOP FM.

During this time Christian HSS appeared in almost every underground club in Skopje like, Sachmo, Metropol, Aquadro, MNT, Surreal, Musandra, Apolon, club Havana where with his partner Power had summer residence, and winter Friday residence at the club Element during 2001/2002 season along the biweekly residence at bar “Bizar”.

Jason Jinx and DJ Lars were the first international DJs promoted by HSS at club MNT on 1st of June 2002. Christian along with his partner Power after this event were resident DJs for numerous international DJ’s like Josh Wink, Eddie Amador, Kevin Yost, Andy Morris, Melvin Moore, Craig Walsh, Timewriter, Justin “Mojolators” Nichols. The summer of 2003 and 2004 he was a resident DJ in the summer club Coloseum for Christian Smith, Michel De Hey, Valentino Kanziani, Umek, Technasia and spinned records at the Alarm Festival that took place in Ohrid area.
Since November 2003 Christian had his resident Thursday nite at the brand new club in Skopje called Process and promoted djs like Eddie Amador, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Jay J, Dizzy, Chris Lum, DJ Pierre, Kaskade, Jon Marsh(The Beloved), Joeski, Crico Castelli, Onionz, Justin Harris, Alex Trax, Tony Hewitt, DJ Dayhota.

Apart of spinning records in the best clubs in Skopje, Christian had regualr gigs in different cities across the country. He played few times at the very well known club in Sofia (Bg) called “Chervilo” and in Tirana at Aquadrom and Durres, at the party ship called “4 Elements”.
The summer of 2004 Christian was involved in the“Tirana Summer Dance Music Conference”-organized by “South Europe Entertainment Group” where during the months of July, August and September he promoted international DJ’s like Andy Morris, Jason Jinx, Justin Nichols, Eddie Amador, Onionz, Jeremy Norris, Jon Marsh, Flavio Vecchi, Anthony Pappa.

04/05 continued with his residency at club Process in Skopje, along with Dr. Kucho, Luke Solomon, DJ FEX, Fafa Monteco, Didier Sinclair, Andy Morris, Jeremy Norris, Tony Thomas, Wally Lopez, Timewriter, Asad Rizvi, Jason Jinx, Mojolators, Josh Wink, Silicone Soul, Onionz, Johnny Fiasco.

He was part of the huge Coca Cola Soundwave Festival 2005, Ljubanista.

Next few years he played in different clubs around Skopje and Macedonia, like Zen, the Club, Soho, MNT, Krug, Kicevo, Prilep and during these years up until 2010 he had a collaboration with the best club in Tirana called Lollipop where he played few times a year and was booking international djs for the club’s house party nights on a regular basis. Some of the djs he booked and played with were Sharam, Sebastien Leger, Mark Knight, Francesco Diaz, David Penn, Chris Lake, Silicone Soul, Johnny Fiasco…
Since 2008 he has two weekly shows on UK internet radio station Pressure Radio, House Sessions and Hidden Dimensions.

His idea of helping up and coming artists and producers mainly from Macedonia was materialized as Artefact Records at the begining of 2010 with the help of his friend and DJ Iceberg. Since then Artefact had more then 60 releases and helped promoting up and coming artists and producers from Macedonia and the region as well as from around the world.

His style could be described as smooth mixing of deep tech house and house with a underground feel.