Drazi Drags was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1988.

His DJing career arose at the age of 15, when he started recording rap music with his friends from the neighbourhood, but his attention was caught by turntablism and his focus remained on scratching. 

In 2009 he became a part of the Macedonian rap group Hiphopletika in which he was mostly working on scratches until he put his hands on his own equipment or as he would say, proud owner of two turntables and a mixer.

His solo career as a club DJ started in Badu Bar (Porta Vlae, Skopje) and continued spreading in several clubs throughout the country. He was also part of many events such as the opening of the Skate Park in Skopje, Balkan Bike Festival in Skopje, Desonanz Festival 2016, Skopje Street Festival 2016, Pivolend Skopje 2017, Skopje Vinyl Convention 2017.

Drazi Drags got his first engagements thanks to DJ Strajk, DJ Oky Doky and DJ Goce SAF, but he has also collaborated live with many others among which DJ Ilic, DJ Dimitri from Cair, DJ Slave, DJ Chvare, DJ Ulterior, Zad Agolot, Juice (SRB), Medallion Man and T-Scale (Loose Lips – UK).

One of his most interesting collaborations is the one with the DJs Darko Stepic, Hypertech, Hans SHC, Sergej Pukkah, D-Lite and TeckTone, who are part of D2, an organization that promotes drum and bass music. They joined forces at the event 4 Decks Extravaganza that took place in Kapan An and at the Macedonian Electronic Music Festival vol.3 together with DJ Oky Doky.

Furthermore, Drazi Drags is part of the hip hop collective Gerila from Kumanovo whose members are Podzeman Efekt, NBK & Twister, Change, and Lud Mikjo. They have performed together on the Revolution Festival in Kumanovo and on the festival Pod Zemja Polesno Se Dise in Skopje. In additon, Drazi Drags has worked with Chista Okolina, Zhile & Vali, Arap (Metaphorce), Djole & Kacar (Toksikolozi), Avtorizacija, Divizija, S.A.M., Krtot, Ace KN (Zad Agolot), Inklingz.

In 2017 he became part of the FUNKY FRESH DJS collective.

In 2018 he joined Natty Fiyah Sound System, lead by Mane Rootsman as an MC and vocalist.