vinyl 12″ x 2


Side 1

And That, Too. / Speaking Gently / Time Moves Slow

Side 2

Confessions Pt. II / Lavender / Chompy’s Paradise

Side 3

IV / Hyssop of Love / Structure No. 3

Side 4

In Your Eyes / Cashmere


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The boys are back with the new album IV, their most impressive and highly anticipated project yet. IV continues their forward thinking progression, sounding something like a jam session in space between Can, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, Weather Report, Arthur Russell & MF DOOM.
With tracks like “Time Moves Slow” featuring haunting vocals from Sam Herring of Future Islands, the syncopated groove of “Lavender,” a collaboration with Montreal based producer Kaytranada, the rumbling fusion build of “Confessions Pt. II” featuring Colin Stetson on the bass sax, “Love” which is highlighted with smokey left field raps from Mick Jenkins & the epic chords of “Speaking Gently,” IV is an exploration in post-genre virtuosity.

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