140 gram vinyl 12″


Side 1
Khaab / Khaab (Project Runaway remix)

Side 2
Parvaaneh / Parvaaneh (Alphonse remix)


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Peter Riley’s back story as Persian reaches back to the early 90s – his back catalogue of crucial, sought after deep house cuts is a must-grip for any serious digger of globetrotting grooves. [Emotional] Especial taps up this vaunted producer’s archives to present two of the finest productions he’s ever committed to wax. “Khaab” is a subtly bumping jam with gorgeous square wave bass, smoky pads and evocative vocal trysts. “Parvaaneh” is a spacier cut that puts the bass front and centre and does away with the drums, making for a powerful, atmospheric statement to create tension mid-set. Project Runaway remix “Khaab” in a respectful, immersive fashion, and Alphonse nudges “Parvaaneh” into a dense and chugging roller.

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