Mahogany Brown Clear Vinyl Edition




LPx2 Clear Vinyl Edition


Side 1
Radio / Sunshine / On The Run
Side 2
Meandnjb / Mahogany Brown
Side 3
Me & My Peoples Eyes feat Lord Imran Ahmed / Stoneodenjoe (House) / Joy (Part Iii – feat Taj)
Side 4
Black Sunday

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Peacefrog come correct with a re-issue of one of house music’s most pioneering producers 2nd album. Moodyman’s ‘Mahogany Brown’ album collates some of his finest moments, utilising soul, funk, gospel, and even hip hop production techniques Kenny Dixon Junior delivers a slice of Black American music that affirms his reputation as a major influence on house music today. Featuring his long term saxophonist and vocalist Norma Jean Bell on selected tracks adds a more soulful live feel (check the sublime ‘Joy Part 3’). And grooves is what it’s all about with Moodyman, no one rocks like him, and the fervour with which his releases are anticipated should go some way to convincing anyone who has ever thought about buying house music, start at the top and you cant go wrong.

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