Sweatshop Spaceship EP

Walker Barnard



vinyl 12″


Side 1

The Long Count

Side 2

Sweatshop Spaceship Feat. Jaime Graham / Sweatshop Spaceship Feat. Jaime Graham – Inxec Remix

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In the beginning there was funk. Some say it came from another planet, some say it was always here… What we know is that Walker Barnard’s has got the funk deep inside of him and with chapter 19 of the Serialism adventure we share the journey with you. Things start off with ‘The Long Count”, where Walker invites everyone to get up, reunite and succumb to the relentless groove. Next destination is the title track of the Ep, ‘Sweatshop Spaceship”, a bass driven hypnotic monster, topped by Jaime’s Graham vocal, where funk and soul inuences reunite to celebrate old school house. The rst part of our trip ends with sir Inxec’s remix of Sweathop Spaceship, providing a slightly more epic and distorted textural interpretation to the original, with his usual mastery of the electronic music craft.