Togetherness Is Always A Good Venture (Tambourine Party Vol. 2)

Super Elcados



Vinyl LP / 1976 / Reissue


Tambourine Party /  Afro Funk /  Xray Gun /  How Much I Love You / Ejole /  Tribute To Murtala Mohammed /  Get Up And Do It Good /  Price Of Fame


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Official Mr Bongo reissue of the ultra-rare album by ‘Super Elcados’. A fusion of heavyweight Nigerian funk, soul & disco, originally released by EMI Nigeria in 1976.

The ‘Super Elcados’ (and ’Elcados’ on other recordings) recorded three albums in the mid and late-70’s, this is their first. It was followed by ‘This World Is Full Of Injustice’ and ‘What Ever You Need’.

Licensed from Geoffrey Johnson (Elcados), courtesy of PMG, with special thanks to Dave Hill for his help.