Which Doobie U B ?




vinyl LP


Side 1

The Funkiest / Bow Wow Wow / Freak Mode / I’m Shittin’ On ‘Em / Who’s the Doobiest

Side 2

Doobie To the Head / Where’s It At / Wopbabalubop / The Porno King / ‘Uh C’mon Yeah! / Here I Am / Funk’s On Me


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Which Doobie U B? is the debut studio album by the American Latino rap group Funkdoobiest. DJ Muggs was the executive producer for this album. Tracks on the album are performed by Son Doobie and Tomahawk Funk, including additional Cypress Hill member B-Real on the track “Wopbabalubop”.

“It all works anyway”, according to Allmusic review writer Steve Huey, he continues “Muggs is in his absolute prime as a producer here, and Son Doobie’s rhymes are fittingly surreal and stoner-friendly, albeit more cartoonish than menacing like his Cypress counterpart”.