Vasko Netkovski a.k.a. Vaso grew up influenced by various music styles. The first style that he focused on was Rap and he was devoted to the Hip Hop culture for almost a decade. The mid 90s brought some more music styles in his collection, in those days considered as “underground”, such as Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Drum’N’Bass… At that period he started playing it in some smaller clubs.

After meeting DJs Pass-N-G-R and Dejan Tevdo he got inspired by their work and House become the style that he focused on. In 1999 he started playing in the newly opened club Mayday, where he met the members of Firehouse Crew. After playing together for almost a year, he was offered to be their member, and so he became. Occasionally he was helping run the Firehouse Crew Show on NOMA radio. Today, from the original 7-members-DJ-crew, only he and Darko Stepic are active DJs, both of them working on their own.

Later that same year his style changed from House to Techno, for he realized this music style is the one that satisfies him completely. However, as the music has been changing his sets were filled with more Minimal and Tech House tracks. But as the years go by, some old feelings begun to come back and he was slowly going back to his roots. Now, depends on the event, his sets may vary from Hip Hop and Funk to Breakbeat and Drum’N’Bass or from House to Tech House and Techno.

On 31.12.2005, a new era for the Macedonian clubbing scene begun. The resurrection, as some call it – Vaso is one of the guys responsible for that. Along with two friends, he started a project inviting almost all Macedonian Techno, Minimal, House, Electro, Breakbeat and Drum’N’Bass DJs to join the forces and take the scene to a higher level. The events took place every Saturday night at a place called “The Club” and the project appeared to be highly successful. Unfortunately, as all good things come to an end, after 3 unforgettable years “The Club” no longer exists.

In between the first two seasons the idea for something new, fresh and modern in the local electronic scene has been born. As a consequence to this idea, a great number of parties were organized following rather different concept. The main centre of these parties was the again – “The Club”. Throughout the whole season large variety of local DJs had the opportunity to present themselves and their music to the audience. These events draw a lot of attention and gave a different perspective for the current disoriented local scene. Understanding the possibility of the events and the need to create something unique has joined the promoters of these parties and some of the DJs into one concept. Furthermore the main cause of this concept is to improve the quality of the local electronic scene and to promote it as much as possible. The name under which all the interests have been joined is POLLUX.

The activities that this organization will perform are nearly connected with promoting and managing parties that will present rather modern music, as well as organizing various events covering the field of multimedia and art expositions. The essence of these events is to increase the awareness and perception of the contemporary music and art among the people wherever these events are being held.

The organization POLLUX has been created by already well known and established DJs, VJs, artists and graphic designers which are present on the local scene. The members of this organization are: Vaso, Aleksandar Vidinovski, Darko Spasovski – Packi, (Sound Diffusion), Flooder, Koshtan, Machki, Fluid, Bazel, Aleksandar Tanchevski, Monumental, VJ Ind.o.g, as well as Aleksandar Jovanovski, Katerina Mileska, Dimitar Dimitrov and Kosta Burcheski.

Currently all the members contribute in successfully organizing parties and maintain the unique clubbing web portal

So far he played with Adam Beyer (SWE), Christian Smith (SWE), Richie Hawtin (CAN), John Acquaviva (CAN), Gaetano Parisio (ITA), Marco Carola (ITA), Danilo Vigorito (ITA), Mark Williams (UK), Oliver Ho (UK), Ade Fenton (UK), Mastiksoul (UK), Andy Moor (UK), CJ Bolland (BEL), Ian Pooley (GER), Christian Fischer (GER), Zombie Nation (GER), Apparat (GER), Reinhard Voigt (GER), Frank Beckers (GER), Monoroom (GER), Beauty And The Beat (GER), Allen Sforzina (AUS), Jay Rome (AUS), Shinedoe (HOL), DJ Murphy (BRA), Elton D (BRA), Louie Vega (USA), Hipp-E (USA), Troy Pierce (USA), DJ Empress (USA), Kasey Taylor (AUS), Kokeshi (POR), Djuma Soundsystem (DEN), Martinez (DEN), Paco Osuna (SPA), DJ Adria (SPA), Valentino Kanzyani (SLO), Blasch (SLO), Nyn (SLO), DJ Gray (SLO), Monique (HUN), Midlow (HUN), Erka (HUN), Ison (GRE), And.ID (GRE), Solar (GRE), Johnny Mass (GRE), Cruz (GRE), Parise T (GRE), George Zambas (GRE), Tolis Q (GRE), Lale (SER), Dushan Kacarevic (SER), DJ Balthazar (BUL), JackRock (BUL), Extreme (BUL), Retek (BUL), Smoke (BUL), Versus (BUL), Vagabond (BUL), Desy (BUL), Stoyan (BUL), DJ Make (CRO), Miss Sunshine (CRO), Carl Max (CRO), Dario Kalea (BH), Chemic (BH), Davor B (BH), Boris Banjac (BH), Eddie Ladjarevic (BH), Toton (KOS), Naka (KOS), Goya (KOS), Mim (KOS), Itto (KOS), Gent (KOS), Noyd (KOS),Wiggy (KOS), Tattoo (ALB) and XXL (ALB).